First Aid Training

First Aid Training

Established in 2002, First Aid was the first ever department established in PRCS AJK State Branch after its inception. It was supported by the ICRC.  The FA Department was trying hard to give the reality to the dream of PRCS “One first aider in every home”. There were two parts of this department. 1. Trained Emergency Response Teams. 2. Awareness on basic first aid in students, communities by organizing first aid trainings and awareness sessions. This department has been ended in February 2013 due to the closure of funds from the ICRC

Promoting First Aid Knowledge

PRC commits to provide standardized quality first aid training in line with RC/RC movement standards. PRC adheres to achieve its goal & “a first aider in every home”

First Aid Program is the flagship program of RCRC Movement and First Aid Trainings are the strength of Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC). PRC has changed its strategic direction to increase its outreach.

Initially the Program was running in NHQ and 7 x Provincial Branches, providing regular First Aid trainings through it’s volunteers all over Pakistan. Keeping in view the increased number of RTAs, bomb blasts, floods and earthquakes, PRC decided to take up the momentous goal of training a “First Aider in Every Home”. The program will now be implemented in 152 districts of Pakistan, through District First Aid Trainer in each district.

The target audience for this program will be educational institution (schools, colleges and universities). Pakistan produces about 445,000 university graduates and 10,000 computer science graduates annually. A number of institutions of higher learning are active in the country, and keeping in view the Pakistan’s Context, these are the influential driving forces behind every concept.

PRC First Aid Program target these to run its First Aid Trainings for their communities who in turn will make this a part of their curriculum and train every student the F.A skills. Universities not only spread knowledge, they also spread in the society, to the families and extended families.

Mr. Yasir Arafat Josh

First Aid Coordinator

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